Existing Floorplans

The very beginning for any project!  We need to know what we're starting with so we know how to move forward.  I will meet you at your home, measure the space(s) you'd like to have remodeled, including any adjacent spaces so we can understand how everything is connected and how adjacent spaces might be affected by whatever remodeling work we're considering.  

Proposed Floorplans

This is where the fun begins!  After getting to know you and your project goals, I will draft different plan options for you to consider, including any ideas you have that you want to see come to life.  My brain operates in 'plan view' mode, so once I've drafted the existing plans, I have a pretty good idea of what changes we can make, and I'll show you what the changes look like with the 3D model and photo-realistic renderings.

Cabinet Plans & Elevations

Never underestimate the value of customized storage options!  I love the container store just as much as the next person, but there is nothing like everything in it's place (can you tell I'm just a little OCD?).  I will work with you to select your cabinet style and finish, your perfect storage accessories, and draft plans and elevations so we can order your cabinets, work with a local shop to have them built, or so you can work with a retailer of your choice to purchase them.

Permit Plan Set

Confused about what needs to be done to get a building permit?  Don't worry, I can help make this easier.  I'll draft the Architectural plans needed to submit to the building and/or planning departments, and I'll coordinate services for structural engineering and energy engineering if needed.


who needs plans?

If you're a homeowner, I can help you with your remodeling plans.  If you're a contractor, I can help you understand your clients requests.  If you're a designer who needs some help, I'm here for you too.


I use a program called Chief Architect and can export any of my plans to AutoCAD (.dwg) format.