Feature Friday: C2Paint


Paint is one of the most challenging finishes to pick for any space; it changes with the light throughout the day, it changes depending on what materials and colors you put next to it, it looks different on different walls in the same room – it can literally make you feel crazy!  Maybe you’ve just been working with the wrong paints… here to save you from yourself is today’s Feature Friday, C2 Paint!

Artisan pigments and state of the art technology blend perfectly to created a finely curated 496 color palette of paint colors that mimic the true colors our eyes see in the natural world.  Every paint is handcrafted, using rare artisan pigments, multiple colorants, and is made without adding black – this is the key to truly luxurious color!  The color black is often used in all paint colors to deepen/darken a color, rather than using true pigment for a richer, deeper color.  Not at C2!  You get pure color, meaning as the light changes in a room, you will continue seeing the true color you love, through and through.

All of C2 Paints are non toxic and are low VOC (volatile organic compounds), which means they’re safe for your family and safe for the environment.   One of the most amazing qualities of C2 paint is it’s incredible coverage; you don’t have to be a professional painter to have your walls or cabinets look amazing (yes, they have paint for cabinets and trim!).  The consistency of the paint creates even coverage on the surfaces you’re painting, minimizing spotting, and drips/drops down your walls.  You get an even finish, with consistent coverage every time – often in only one coat!  Those deep, dark colors (think dark grays and blues) are some of the toughest colors to work with because you end up seeing so many imperfections when the paint job is complete, but not with C2 – you get that deep, rich color every time, even across the entire surface!  Did I also mention it touches up like a dream?