Feature Friday: StickPretty with 2Jane

475 Las Coches Court Morgan-large-020-Master Bedroom Bathroom-1500x999-72dpi.jpg

Tile is an expensive item to change out in a home, and you may not be ready to tackle a full bath or kitchen remodel at this point, but you want to refresh your space, add some of your own character, and you’re on a budget… Tile Tattoo’s to the rescue!  2JANE makes a variety of Tile Tattoos that can add some fresh life to your kitchen or bath.  If you have plain white tile, tile with patterns you don’t love, or you just want to add some pattern to your kitchen backsplash, these are for you!  They’re easy to cut to the size you need (if your tiles are smaller than the sizes they offer), and they’re easy to install.  In the shower above, the Tile Tattoos were used to cover a different patterned tile that the homeowner wanted to change.  Simply clean the tile surface you’re going to cover, remove the trim the Tile Tattoo if necessary, remove the backing, and slowly and evenly cover the existing tile with the new Tile Tattoo!

2JANE also makes a variety of other products to help you add a splash of color, especially if you’re renting a space!  Give their removable wallpaper a try, cover clear glass in your bathroom or bedroom window with a decorative film for privacy, or get even more creative by applying their removable wallpaper to the insides of your dresser drawers, or an old headboard.  The options are endless!  All of their patterns are designed by a small group of artists, and all of the prints are their own creations, and they’re all made in the USA!