Outdoor Cooking In Style

Alfresco pic1.jpg

With the warm summer air upon us, it’s time to focus some attention to our outdoor kitchens!  If you’re looking to upgrade your patio space and entertain family and friends this summer, Alfresco has everything you need!  From their most popular 36″ LXE Grill with warming racks, roasting racks, and a dedicated smoker drawer, to pizza ovens that you can bake cookies in, to side burners, refrigeration, sinks and storage, you may find yourself designing an entire outdoor kitchen rather than just planning summer BBQ’s.


Alfresco has been making commercial kitchen equipment for the finest hotels and restaurants for decades.  Everything is made and manufactured in the United States out of the finest grade of stainless steel.   One of my favorite things about Alfresco is your options are endless!  You can start with one of the amazing grills, then add a countertop pizza oven (that’s right, they don’t even have to be built-in!), and you can continue expanding your outdoor kitchen by building in stainless steel storage drawers, adding an under-counter refrigerator, and even building in a side burner (for stove top cooking, outside!), and a prep sink!

But let me tell you, those pizza oven cookies… I think they were my favorite!