Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa!


If you’re looking for that ‘spa’ experience in your own bathroom, a tub by MTI Baths is a must!  With options that include air bath, whirlpool jets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, and customization that allows you to put the air and whirlpool jets just about wherever you want in the tub, you can create the ultimate relaxation station!

MTI offers a variety of styles and sizes in acrylic tubs and engineered solid stone tubs.  Each tub design is unique, beautiful, and comfortable (speaking from personal experience!).  Their skilled team of artisans make each and every tub by hand in their factory outside of Atlanta, Georgia

Bath 1.2.jpeg

The creativity doesn’t stop there!  MTI also makes shower pans, vanity sinks, and vanity countertops with integrated sinks.  Engineered solid stone shower pans can be made in custom sizes, and as if that’s not enough, they make tubs for pets and even a foot spa!