Bigger is Better: The New Kitchen Sink

Limited on counter space?  The Galley sink can give you more!  With accessories for any and every need, including cutting boards, strainers, condiment serving boards, drying racks and more, you can do pretty much everything except bake a cake with this sink.  The Galley sinks come in a range of sizes from 22” to 80”.  Too many cooks in your kitchen?  Not anymore!  With sinks 56” and larger, you can add a second kitchen faucet and keep the cooking party going.


The Galley sink has two tiers which give you the flexibility to adjust the height and use of the accessories.  You can chop veggies on the cutting board using the upper tier, and toss them in to the strainer for rinsing on the lower tier.


The sinks and accessories are available in different finishes and are made in the USA.  If you need to wash your dishes, I’m pretty sure it can handle that too.

Erin Serventi