From Nature-Loving Green to Major Curb Appeal

Before (with house numbers blocked) and After!

This just goes to show what a fresh coat of paint and new garage door can do! Paint can be tricky - as we know, it changes with the light, light colors can look washed out, dark colors can be overwhelming, but finding the perfect combo makes a world of difference (even if you don’t change anything else).

When picking paint colors, I recommend making your selections during daylight hours (usually between 10am - 3pm) with some sunshine - I try to avoid selecting colors when it’s overcast, but if that’s the current condition, then have a couple options, and either tape the paint chips on different walls throughout the day or get a couple sample cans and put some samples on a couple different walls - usually a North wall and a South wall so you can see what the colors will look like in the darkest and lightest parts of the room (same goes for the exterior). Sit with it for a few days before you make your decision. Look at the colors at night, see them in broad daylight. It can save you major $$ in labor and material if you can live with some patchwork paint spots for 48 hours.

As pointed out to me by this sweet homeowner, patience is a must! About halfway through the exterior paint work (when the house was half green with purple trim and half new color combo), she said she stood outside and looked at the new color combo and almost freaked out because the main color looked as if it almost had a purple hue to it, but then once the work was finished, that purple hue was no longer there. The paint was reflecting colors that were still on the house. This is a common fear with paint once it’s going on the walls - ‘oh my gosh, did we pick the wrong color?’, and this is exactly what makes picking the right colors so tricky - the way they change in the light and reflect other colors.

Now, back to this beauty! The homeowners wanted something that would stand out from the landscaping and greenery, but not something that was dark or bold. They wanted to add some definition and interest (a.k.a curb appeal) and wanted to freshen up the exterior. We settled on a classic white for the door and window trim, a new garage door in the same white, a warm gray (or ‘greige’) for the main exterior walls, and then a rich, dark brown for the beams to add some contrast and draw out the architectural interest. We also selected a fun dark color for the entry door.