Black is Back

Collection of my favorite black beauties from KBIS.

Black may be making a huge comeback, though I don't think it ever really left.  We've been loving the contrasts of grays and whites for years now, but there's been an even stronger movement towards the bold and beautiful lately - and it doesn't get any bolder than black!

Ann Sacks Tile created a stunning bath display with their contrasting black and white tile pattern in the bathroom, complemented by Kohler's black clawfoot tub.  Kohler's matte black faucets offer easy maintenance with a bold statement.  Black marble slabs with a leather finish and chrome fixtures will add the ultimate luxury to any shower and Dacor's black stainless steel appliances have the most durable finish on the market!

Solid black countertops, with an integrated sink, a matte black faucet, and matte black slab cabinets create a dramatic, contemporary kitchen!