Guest Bath Remodel - Putting the Pieces Back Together

In week three of this guest bath remodel, it started feeling like a part of the house again!  This pretty picture was at the end of the week, here's how we got there...

After the plumbing valves, electrical wire, and tub were installed, we could 'close it all up', a.k.a. hang the drywall.  The purple drywall you see in the tub/shower is a moisture resistant sheetrock.  Since the existing sheetrock on the walls and ceiling in the bathroom was still in good shape, we only replaced the sheetrock where the vanity was removed, saving the homeowners some time and money.

Next, Wonderboard Lite was installed on top of the plywood subfloor and on top of the moisture resistant drywall on the tub/shower walls.  Wonderboard Lite is a fiberglass mesh reinforced cement backer-board that is used when installing tile, stone, slate, or thin brick veneer.  It is light weight and has a high flexural strength.  It is also moisture resistant.

Both the existing and new sheetrock were textured over with a light old world texture, seamlessly blending the two surfaces.  You would never be able to tell that we kept the existing drywall on the walls and ceiling!  Next up... cabinet installation!