Guest Bath Remodel - Cabinets & Countertops

I'm always excited when the cabinets go in!  We ordered these cabinets with Dura Supreme a couple of months ago and the contractor picked them up from the delivery warehouse and stored them in his workshop until he was ready to install them.  Cabinets are a key component to any construction schedule because it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get them - this is not a part of the project that can be scheduled at the last minute! 

Cabinet installation is also tricky - it's not as simple as setting the cabinets where you want them and fastening them to the wall.  The flooring material needs to be accounted for and shims are placed under the cabinet boxes so when the countertops get installed, they are at the height we designed them to be at.  After the shims are placed accordingly and everything is level, the 3/4" plywood sub-top gets installed.  The sub-top finishes flush to the top of the cabinet box and is the support for the new countertop.

Once the plywood sub-top is installed, the slab fabricator can come to the jobsite and make his template for the new countertop.  One of my favorite specialty trade contractors is Marble & Stone Solutions.  They are true artisans and have exceptional attention to detail.  Sometimes, measurements can be taken, notes written, and sketches done and the slab can be cut and fabricated precisely as planned.  Other times, it can be more beneficial to make the template.  Here, Milo Tikvica has created a template that has been stapled to the sub-top.  He has added his dimensions, center lines of the sinks and faucets, noted the edge detail for the countertop, the overhang depth, and the cut out sizes for the sinks.

After the template is complete, Milo removes it from the sub-top and takes it back to his shop.  His team will then fabricate the stone top the homeowners selected to these exact specifications and dimensions that Milo took while he was onsite.  

Week 4 is complete - next week we begin tile installation! Stay tuned! 

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