Guest Bath Remodel - #DemoDay

One of my favorite parts of working with people to transform their homes, is getting to see their excitement when the vision becomes reality.  I wish the entire construction process was as pretty as these 3D renderings, but the truth is, it's messy, it's hard to live out of boxes, and there are always questions and modifications that need to be made in the field.  The beauty of this mess, is the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm taking you on the behind the scenes journey of this guest bath remodel for a sneak peak of what I do as the project designer, once the 'design' is done.


Ah, the phrase made famous by HGTV's Fixer Upper (and yes, I'm a huge fan, as you may have guessed!).  After working with the homeowners for a couple of months in design, we're ready to say goodbye to 1980.  The homeowners spent days packing up their guest bath into boxes and demolition began!

Once all of the existing finishes (flooring, cabinets, tile) have been removed, we can see if there are any areas of water damage, termite damage, and if there's anything that would impact the design plans we have.  One thing we uncovered was a vent pipe in the rear of the tub/shower wall, where we had planned to frame in a recessed shampoo/soap niche.

After discovering this vent pipe (which allows air to vent from the drain lines in the master bath), we spoke to the contractor to determine if we needed to move the niche, change the size, or if it was possible to cut the vent pipe, install an elbow (angled pipe fitting), and direct the vent pipe off toward the exterior wall, so we could keep our niche location.  He confirmed that we could indeed angle the vent pipe and keep our niche location.  When proposing a change like this to accommodate the design, we always want to confirm potential costs to evaluate whether the changes are worth it.  If changes like this are cost prohibitive, then we work together to find a creative alternative.

Check back in next week for more updates!