From So-So to Show-Stopper!

It’s always fun to work with other creative individuals, and this kitchen was no exception! Sharing the photos makes it seem like, as the designer, it’s all my vision and creativity that gets brought to life; however, that’s rarely the case. My goal is to guide my clients through the twists and turns of remodeling - in design and in construction. More often than not, as a homeowner, you have ideas about your dream home, dream kitchen, dream bathroom, etc., and you may know what you want the end result to be, but getting there can pose plenty of challenges - starting with the plans. This project is a perfect example of how working together on your project can yield the most amazing results. Working with creative entrepreneur / web designer extraordinaire Hey, I’m Kelli on her and her husband’s kitchen was an absolute delight, not only because they’re the sweetest people, but because Kelli had a specific vision for their kitchen (being the creative person that she is), and providing just the plans for them allowed her to use her skills to select the materials and finishes to achieve her goal, and in the end, get her dream kitchen.

The beauty of working with a designer (in my humble opinion), is the fact that a fresh set of eyes can see possibility in a space that hadn’t been considered. For example, the dining area used to be on the opposite side of the kitchen (see Before Plan), and after seeing the beautiful french doors and nature view, I thought, “if this were my home, I would totally put my dining table in that space and create an ‘indoor-outdoor’ type of dining environment with outdoor dining and BBQ space just outside the french doors”… so of course when drafting the plans, I was able to lay out the space to make sure this would be a possibility, of course, if the homeowners thought they might consider that arrangement.

3D rendering showing the kitchen layout and the dining area located near the french doors.

Of course, 3D renderings make it a lot easier to envision yourself and your family using the space in a new way! Part of the design process is evaluating the changes and the trade offs to make sure we’re getting all of your ‘must-haves’ included in the project.

To see more of this amazing transformation, check out Scandinavian Inspired Show-Stopper, and of course, as an added bonus, check out Hey, I’m Kelli for all of your website needs! #transormationtuesday doesn’t get much better than this!

Erin Serventi