The Studio Progress & Design Inspiration

It's almost move in day!!  The exterior siding was finished up last weekend and the interior walls were primed for paint,  The exterior walls and eaves have been painted and this weekend we will paint the exterior trim and the interior walls and ceiling.  Once the interior paint dries, we will install the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile - if you have kids and pets, this is gold... stay tuned for a blog post on this soon!) flooring and baseboards.  The light fixtures and electrical cover plates will be installed mid-September, followed by a cabinet delivery and a few weekends of good ol' fashioned gardening (I'm not a landscaper, but I can try!).

I have to say, I thought I already had an appreciation for construction, but helping with just a small part of this project really opened my eyes and gave me a whole new respect for the day in and day out sweat and strength needed to work in construction.  I love the smell of fresh cut lumber, but I can't even cut a straight line using scissors, so using a Skilsaw was certainly out of the question - and just the weight of the tools alone will give you a workout!  We spent about 8 full hours installing the hardie board siding, carrying 9 foot and 10 foot panels, maneuvering them, lifting them again and holding them in place while fastening them to the studio, and I seriously reconsidered this whole "DIY" project... Luckily, Pete (my husband and personal contractor) has the strength and patience for the job! 

I'm so excited to announce that The Studio will be opening this Fall!  As a little teaser... I'm sharing my inspiration for the studio design below... stay tuned for the reveal coming mid-October and special one-on-one design events!

Erin Serventi