Microwave Locations You May Not Have Considered

In a Walk-In Pantry

Generally, microwaves aren’t the prettiest of appliances, yet most of us use them regularly. They aren’t appliances that you usually want to draw attention to, and we don’t accentuate their beauty with tile features, so how do we disguise them enough to not detract from our favorite aspects of our kitchen, but keep them close enough to use often? Well, for starters, we can put them in a separate space, as shown in this walk in pantry above! I have to say, that was one of my favorite locations for the microwave to date.

A closer look at the built-in microwave in the walk-in pantry.

An increasingly popular option is to place your microwave in a base cabinet. Your traditional built-in microwave or the newer drawer microwaves fit perfectly in base cabinets. Base cabinet microwaves open up wall cabinet space for plates and glasses and are easy to access for most people. This installation is totally a personal preference, and taller individuals may prefer it a little higher than a base cabinet can offer.

Now, if you want to hide it completely… Put it in a pantry cabinet and close the doors!

Even if you’re not going to ‘hide’ your microwave, you still may not want to draw attention to it; so if you’ve selected a wall oven, a popular combination is to have the microwave above, and we can align the top of the microwave with the top of the refrigerator for a seamless look.

Where do you have your microwave or are you struggling to decide where to put it? Let me know in the comments below, maybe I can help!

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