From Ordinary Oak to Refined Ranch

This kitchen had plenty of space to work with, but the homeowners felt like they didn’t have the storage they needed and they wanted to refresh the space and make it their own. We discussed opening up the kitchen to the family room, but realized that if we did so, we’d miss out on having all of the cabinet storage along that wall, so we opted to keep it, and we even added more cabinetry in the dining space for a cute little wine bar and beverage center!

So even though the walls didn’t change, we did modify the kitchen layout slightly so that it felt more open. We made the cabinets on the family room wall narrower, so they’d still provide great storage, but not cramp the space at the island. We also switched the locations of the refrigerator and the cooktop. Refrigerators, oven cabinets, and pantry cabinets are usually deeper than base cabinets, and since the go from floor to ceiling, they can make you feel ‘closed in’ if they’re not thoughtfully placed in the kitchen. We wanted the kitchen to feel open to the dining space, so swapping the appliance locations was a great solution.

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