From Plain Jane to Coastal Contemporary

These homeowners knew they had plenty of space to work with, but after having their home for 20+ years, they struggled to see how they could use the space they had more effectively and create a larger kitchen that felt more connected to the rest of the house. The kitchen had very little storage and minimal counter space, even though there was plenty of space. There was a laundry room right off the kitchen, which the homeowners didn’t like seeing if they were entertaining. They wanted more storage, better sight lines into the dining space and the large family room, and most of all, they wanted a kitchen that could entertain plenty of family and friends.

We had beautiful wood beams and tongue and groove paneling on the ceilings, but we also had different ceiling heights between the kitchen and the dining area, so when creating better sight lines from the kitchen to the rest of the house, we wanted to be mindful to not draw attention to the changes in ceiling height. We also needed to be extremely precise about our recessed can light layout, because if a light was installed in the wrong location, it would be very difficult to patch the ceiling. This meant we spent a lot of time reviewing and confirming the cabinet layout so that we could place our lighting in the perfect locations. In our efforts to create more storage, we moved the laundry room into a closet space in the garage, and turned the old laundry room into a pantry with a full height wine fridge.

We kept the sink and dishwasher in their existing locations, but changed the location of the cooktop, oven, and refrigerator. We added a prep sink in the island, added a wine fridge and microwave in the pantry, and even added a built in bar in the living room! For more project photos, check out Coastal Contemporary Charm.