From Closed Off to Major Open Concept

When these homeowners came to me to remodel their kitchen, they swore they needed to add square footage because the tiny galley kitchen wasn’t functional for their family of four. The kitchen was boxed in by walls with the living room on one side and the dining room on the other, and in addition the the compartmentalized space, around the corner from the sink was a funny nook that held the refrigerator and some shallow cabinets. Awkward, maybe… tons of possibility - YES!

The biggest requests were an open concept and more storage/space. The couple loves to cook, entertain, and have an impressive wine collection that used to live in boxes in multiple closets, so dedicated wine storage was a must. Adding square footage, usually will require moving an exterior wall, which can be costly due to modifying/adjusting roof lines, new and/or improving foundation work, new framing, and usually doors and windows… the list can go on. After taking the measurements and drafting the existing floorplan, it seemed to me that we could make good use of the existing space by removing walls, designing a support post into the island (you can’t take all the walls out without providing proper support!), and designing tons of storage in the funny little fridge nook - essentially converting it from a ‘nook’ to a pantry… where we could store over 200 bottles of wine!

Even though this kitchen didn’t grow in size, it feels so much bigger and is so much more functional because it’s not boxed in by dividing walls and the pantry space gives the homeowners tons of added storage so their kitchen can entertain guests more easily. Check out the White + Wood Kitchen for more project photos!

Erin Serventi