What's Your Shower Style?

Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

Picking a shower door isn’t what it used to be! Like many other components of a bathroom remodel, there are many options when selecting your shower doors (a.k.a. the shower enclosure). Frameless tends to be the most popular style, because, as you can see in the image above, it’s a clean, smooth look. The frameless doors are exactly that - they don’t have the metal frame around the glass or on the tile wall(s) of your shower.

If you like a cleaner, more contemporary look, frameless is a great way to go. It’s best to consider the door function though, because as you can see, if you have a sliding shower door, the hardware (track) is a bit more industrial looking with the rollers. If you have a hinging shower door, you won’t need the top track or the rollers.

Framed shower doors have come a long way; they’re no longer the big, bulky frames that detract from the beauty of your shower tile. If you want a simple (and less expensive) shower enclosure, but don’t want something too modern, the framed shower door is a good way to go. The framed enclosures have a metal frame around the glass; they have a top and bottom track, and will have a frame installed along your tile shower walls.

Regardless of which enclosure/door style you select, you can pick a metal finish that matches your plumbing fixtures for a cohesive look. There are also options for factory applied finishes for the glass that can minimize water spots and build up over the years, so be sure to ask about those when deciding on your shower doors.

Now… in case you’re in the market for something really different…

Yes, those are shower doors!

I just had to share this - talk about custom! You really can make any statement you want in your bathroom!