Don't Neglect This Detail for Your Apron Front Sink!

Plan ahead and talk to your contractor about the countertop detail at your apron front sink!

Don’t you just love those apron front farmhouse sinks? Me too! Did you know that there’s decisions to make even once you’ve found your perfect sink? Decisions like what you want the countertop to look like where it meets the sink, if it overhangs the top of the sink or meets it, and if you want the sink to sit proud (a.k.a. slightly in front) of the edge of your countertop. Knowing what you want the end result to look like, and purchasing your sink ahead of time, will ensure you get the look you want!

Your contractor can work with you countertop/slab fabricator to create the detail you prefer for your kitchen sink. Make sure you have the sink model number and/or specifications when you purchase your sink so you can give this info to your contractor - or better yet, have your sink on hand! Which detail do you prefer, the ‘counter over the sink top’ or the ‘counter meeting the sink top’? Questions? Share in the comments below!