From Wasted Space to Beachy Bliss

When a huge jetted tub takes up about half the space in the bathroom, it’s time to make a change! Back in the day, a large built in tub was all the rage, but today, with water restrictions, lifestyle changes, and accessibility factors, this previously popular bathroom concept has gone by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, I am never one to turn down a nice, relaxing soak on occasion, but I certainly don’t need half my bathroom dedicated to it, and this homeowner felt the same way. She desired a shower that was much more spacious, a smaller tub, and a complete overhaul where she could create a beachy vibe with tons of natural light. So that’s exactly what we did!

We added a two skylights in the tub/shower area to capture great light throughout the day, added a window and two glass block areas in the shower, as well as a french door to the garden area in the backyard. We kept the same general layout for the vanity area, but upgraded the storage accessories and added a wall cabinet that rests on the countertop for the items that get used daily. We moved the toilet and hid it behind a pony wall (with a great little storage niche!), we moved the shower and made is larger and more accessible by adding grab bars and creating a barrier free entry (no curb to step over), and changed the location and size of the tub so it no longer consumed the most space in the floor plan.

This bathroom has all the bells and whistles! In addition to the great light and accessibility this bath has, we also added radiant heat in the floors, a heated towel bar, and plenty of cute storage niches so nothing is ever out of reach.

To see more dreamy bath photos, you can check out the Beachy Bliss Master Bath photos. Tell me, what have you seen here that you’d like to have in your bathroom? Comment below!