Kitchen Design

The kitchen is more than just the heart of the home, it's the epicenter of our lives.  We do almost everything in our kitchens from cooking and entertaining to dining and watching the morning or evening news.  If you're like me, then you're not planning on remodeling your kitchen every 5 years.  You want something timeless, beautiful, and packed full of however much storage you can get!  Let me help you create the kitchen of your dreams!  I'll show you options that meet your goals and your budget - I'll even show you what it's actually going to look like with the materials you select!

Bath Design

Bathrooms are small spaces that pack a punch!  The most important factors in bathrooms tend to be making sure you get enough storage, have excellent lighting placement and control, and getting a cohesive aesthetic - it might also be nice if your shower head was high enough so you didn't have to squat under it when washing your hair too.  Bathrooms may seem so simple, but there's more to it than just picking pretty colors!  They say 'the devil is in the details', well, aren't you lucky to have an angel on your side! (What can I say, I'm optimistic...)