Hi, I'm Erin!

As a Certified Interior Designer with a degree in Construction Management, I blend the two sides of the business that need to work together for successful remodels.  I think about space from two perspectives, 'the pretty' and 'the practical'.  I'm passionate about intentional uses of space, consuming our natural resources wisely, and making design changes that can evolve with us in our homes.

  • certified interior designer #6532

  • universal design certified professional

  • Certified green building professional

  • leadership in energy & environmental design, interior design + construction

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Want To Know More?

As a kid, I regularly wanted to rearrange my bedroom and I owe a huge 'thank you' to my mom and dad who would make it happen; they ignited this passion for design that I'm lucky enough to call my job to this day.  After the years of heavy lifting, my mom suggested I might want to sketch out these changes ahead of time, so I could show them what I wanted.  She bought me my first pad of graph paper around the same time that my grandfather was bringing over articles on architectural design (a happy coincidence?).  My attention quickly shifted from my own bedroom to residential floorplans.  At 12 years old, I was sketching up all kinds of floorplan ideas for houses that I might want to live in someday.  I was convinced I wanted to be an Architect until I was applying to colleges during my senior year of high school.  I was so intimidated by the requirements beyond an undergraduate degree without the certainty that I'd ever get to do what I really wanted to do - residential floorplans.  I found the perfect fit at Chico State, one of the top Construction Management programs in the nation, with an emphasis in Architecture.  They also had an Interior Design program, and I could run on the track team.  I was all in!

After graduating from Chico State, I accepted a job as a Project Engineer for a custom home builder and began working on the new construction of a 34,000 square foot home in Carmel, CA.  Upon completion, our project team moved on to remodeling a 10,000 square foot residence in Pebble Beach, CA.  I was working with the project team to manage the construction and material procurement on these projects, and I desperately wanted to be on the design side.  On nights and weekends I would draft floorplans and prepare 3D renderings for other Interior Designers to use in their client presentations, while studying for my state Interior Design exam.  When I passed the state exam, I continued working full time in project management and focused on growing my 'side hustle' in design until I eventually landed a position as a full time Interior Designer for a Design/Build company in Silicon Valley.  When the opportunity arose to live and work in Santa Cruz County, I happily followed the offer right back to my hometown of Watsonville, CA.  I had the pleasure of working as an Interior Designer for a Design/Build company in Aptos, CA for a couple of years before launching E.L. Designs.  Each experience and project team has been instrumental in my growth and knowledge of the industry, and I will forever be grateful for the support and encouragement they have given and continue to give me.