Beautifully Accessible Bath

This bathroom was part of a much larger remodel (a ‘re-build’ actually, as the original home was destroyed in a fire), but it was such a beautiful space on it’s own that I felt the need to share how stunning this bathroom is - and a bonus feature is that it has some characteristics that will make it comfortable as the homeowner ages. The shower has a grab bar that will help the homeowner raise and lower to the full length bench; the shower also has a lower curb height, which will make it easier to get in and out of regardless of the assistance required. The bathroom floor, shower floor, and shower walls and bench are all different materials, which makes it easier to distinguish the difference in space as one’s vision becomes more impaired. The shower valve (the handle that turns the water on and off) is also located closer to the shower door (rather than centered on the shower pan) for ease of use. The hand-held shower head on the slide bar can easily be adjusted to any height necessary, and can be used by a care taker to assist in bathing, should the need ever arise. The deep soaking tub wasn’t an ‘accessible’ feature, but was installed for re-sale value in the future. The tub does, however, have a convenient touch pad to set the temperature and turn the tub water on and off, and plumbing work was done so that if the homeowner wanted to control the shower water flow and temperature from this control pad in the future, that connection can be easily made. The contemporary tub spout was installed on the wall, rather than on one of the ends of the tub, so as not to interfere with being able to recline and relax at either end of the tub.

Contractor: Quadrini Construction